Resorts between Mumbai and Gujarat

Travelling from Mumbai to Gujarat by road or looking for resorts in Mumbai? The road trip can be stressful and you may need a place to relax. Need a place to stay a night or spend a weekend even? Be it a family vacation, or a destination wedding or even a honeymoon these resorts in Mumbai can accommodate all. So here are a few elite Mumbai resorts that are sure to blow your mind. So get your writing pads out and start jotting down.

Treat Resort

This resort is part of the 10 hectares of tropical greenery and a wonderful stay on your journey to Gujarat. It’s a 3-star hotel and is equipped with spacious rooms, a hot tub, swimming pool, 2 restaurants, a fitness centre and a water park. The sprawling gardens will soothe your soul and relax your mind. The price per night is 5500 rupees.

Pluz Resort

This resort is a 6-hectare place of pure luxury. The architecture, the lights, the interiors, the courteous staff are all too good to ignore. The rooms are amazing and there are several swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor. The resort is beautifully set in between Mango trees. The Varanga Garden is just close by so you can visit that as well. The cost is close to 7000 per night.

Silver Sands Beach Resort

This resort is your go-to place if you are a beach person or are looking for a cheap stay. Located right next to the Devka beach, it only takes about 10 minutes to get here. The rooms have hut styled ceilings and full-length windows so every morning you get to see gorgeous sunrise. Rooms are just 2000 per night.

Sterling Hotel and Resort

Sterling is yet another lush property with chic red and white themed interiors. The rooms are simple yet elegant and the food is amazing. St Jerome Fort and Jampore Beach are some nearby attractions. There is a gym, spa, swimming pool, children’s pool and a bar. The cost per night is around 3500 per night.

The Deltin

This upscale resort is just one of the places where you have to go if you are travelling between Gujarat and Maharashtra. The experience you will have would be downright splendid. The rooms are just gorgeous with amazing colour choices and the spa is the cherry on the cake. If you are looking for some drool-worthy pampering or a weekend getaway from your hectic schedule, then look nowhere else and head straight to the Deltin. The price ranges between 4000-8000 per night depending on the type of room that you book. Vaibhav Water World is just 4 km away so be sure to check it out too.

The Gold Beach Resort

The Golden Beach Resort is yet another one where you get to see the gorgeous sea every day from your room. If you have to name just one best thing in this resort, then it has to be the lights. At night this resort lights up the whole aura and looks as if it’s studded with stars. The reflections of these lights on the pool waters are just Instagram worthy. There is an open-air eatery and a poolside bar to take in all the gorgeousness. Prices range from 7000-12000 depending on the style of the rooms.

Cidade de Daman

Beachside rooms, scrumptious food and great service are the highlights of this resort. Located in close proximity to the Daman railway station, this resort is both luxurious and inexpensive. Stay is round about 5000 per night.

Eskay Resort

Eskay is just one of a kind resort in Mumbai in this list. Nestled in a small green cove, this resort will surely relax and rejuvenate you and give you zen of an experience. Be it a family stay, a weekend pampering stay or a gala wedding, this Mumbai Resort has got your back. The Lotus Café and the Jade Bowl offer some lip-smacking delicacies. The cost is around 7000 per night in this Mumbai resort.

Lotus Riverside

Situated in the lap of Silvassa, Lotus Riverside is a treasure trove filled with scenic beauty, water sports, wildlife sanctuaries and trekking activities. Located near Daman Ganga River, the adventure sports here are endless. The rooms are also pretty cheap with charges around 2500 per night.

Wonderland Resort

Housed close to Bal Udyan Park, this low key resort though subdued will be a pleasant and memorable stay. The infrastructure and interiors are great and there is greenery all around. Per night the stay will be around 3500.

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