A new year brings newfound joy and prosperity in our homes, offices, or schools. Thus, it is only fair that we welcome it with open arms and put on a fest that does justice to the onset of an occasion this monumental. If you’re planning a new year party in Mumbai, here are some perfect resorts four dream party:

The Pali Beach resort

The Pali beach resort is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a resort that has five-star facilities at a three-star price. From rooms that give stunning views of the waterpark to an indoor games bunker, Pali caters to every kind of customer. Since it is located extremely close to the beach its customers are greeted with the cool ocean breeze and an extremely pleasant climate at any time of the day. They also host rain dance parties and have a bar. It is always the choice for people looking to have a great time at a great price for a new year party in Mumbai.

Trident, Nariman Point

Home to the vibrant Opium Den bar which has the best selection of wines and Mumbai’s lengthiest mojito menu Trident, Nariman Point is Utopia for people who live to party. Standing at a mighty 35 stories this resort offers jaw-dropping views of the ocean and Mumbai’s beautiful skyline. It has 555 rooms, all of which come with uninterrupted access to facilities like Wi-Fi, relaxing spas, a gym, multiple pools, and two award-winning restaurants.

The Oberoi, Mumbai

It is easy to see why this resort has won multiple prestigious awards. The Oberoi leaves you to shell shocked with its beauty while also drowning you in comfort. Not only does a room in this resort come with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a luxury resort it also comes with several perks that no resort offers. From walks and guided tours of some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods to wine tasting sessions, there is always something for everybody. This hotel has a widely renowned bar called The Eau Bar which offers a selection of cocktails conjured by Andrew Pearson who is a world-famous mixologist from the United Kingdom.

Vivanta By Taj, Mumbai

This resort in Mumbai does justice to its Taj moniker as it leaves you thunderstruck with its grandeur wrapped by its giant and imposing walls. It has a banquet hall capacious enough to engulf a third world country and its magnificence is unparalleled. The Wink bar at Taj is known to be South Bombay’s “extrovert’s paradise” which offers a Disco Jockey, a 26-page cocktail menu has a huge variety of spirits for all kinds of liquor enthusiasts and its Italian – Japanese menu offers some amazing finger food. A new year party in Mumbai celebrated in this resort would be an amazing choice.

J. W. Marriott, Juhu

This resort was built to achieve excellence in every field of the hospitality business. It has a long list of amenities that you never thought existed and are made for people who love to live in excess. From an infinity pool inspired by Greek architecture to cafes with an extremely diverse choice of cuisine which cater to all kinds of gourmands. J.W.Marriott is famous for its new year parties in Mumbai because of the never-ending pomp and razzle-dazzle. Unlike most resorts in Mumbai Marriott offers 2 lounges (Reflections and Arola) that serve authentic Spanish cuisine and Indian cuisine. With its unmatched dedication to excellence, this resort in Bombay exceeds all expectations one can have.   

The Lalit Mumbai 

It is easy to see why The Lalit is the recipient of more awards than I can count in an hour for its hospitality and the perfect destination for throwing a party. This posh Mumbai resort offers nearly 47,000 square feet of banqueting spaces which are indoor and outdoor. The Lalit operates the beluga bar and a nightclub called the Kitty-Su which has become a nationwide icon and a trailblazer in the nightclub industry. The sheer dedication put in by the staff to make each kind of party splendid is second to nine.

Four Seasons Mumbai

The Four Seasons name is often associated with prestige, opulence, and luxury, and this resort in Mumbai ticks all those boxes and then some. With a total of 37 floors, this towering behemoth of a resort traps its guests in a lap of luxury. This resort has Mumbai’s highest rooftop bar called AER which looks super lavish, fancy, and flamboyant. With a bar like no other and unmatched views of the Arabian Sea, this resort drowns its guests in excess (in a very good way) and is the epitome of what a resort can be.

All resorts on this list have constantly strived to provide insanely high levels of magnificence in the field of hospitality and are extremely happening places for a new year party in Mumbai that double up as hotspots for party animals on New Year’s Eve.

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