Mumbai is one of those cities that is blessed in all the different aspects that make a city great to live in. The living standards are great for the resourceful, the opportunities are plenty and the city itself is beautiful. There are serene beaches and beach resorts in Mumbai by the hundreds.

Walking on a sandy beach and gazing into the setting sun or the never-ending horizon comes with a different kind of tranquility that is almost unmatched. With that said, Mumbai is basically an island with extra steps and beaches are plenty. It can at times become difficult to choose from them.

But simply because it is a confusing task doesn’t mean you should shy away from completing it and choosing your next day at the beach. A lot of people in the country would give a lot to hang out at one of those beaches- so enjoy them while you can!  

Here’s a closer look at some of the more fun beaches of the many in Mumbai and what you can do if you visit a beach resort in Mumbai-

Best beaches to visit in Mumbai

Uttan Beach

Imagine a chill day at the beach. You don’t have a lot on your mind- the waves keep thrashing against the rocks every once in a while. Seagulls flap around and there are a soothing part salt and part fishy smell in the air. You don’t see a crowd of half-naked frantic people jumping about trying to swim or an array of street vendors trying to sell you cheap sun-block.

That is exactly what Uttan Beach is offering you, it is quiet, it is tranquil and it is one of the most low-key beaches you could find in a bustling-with-life city like Mumbai. It’s somewhat rocky so swimming can be a challenge when it comes to the open sea- yet there’s still hope!

The very first choice that springs to mind when we think of a beach resort in Mumbai is the Pali Beach Resort. The resort is conveniently situated in the heart of Uttan Beach. The resort has been renowned for its dedication to service and quality. There’s a three-star rating for the in house restaurant and the gourmet fish dishes are lip-smacking.

It features various rides and slides as a waterpark is integrated into the resort. There are separate areas for children called the TIC-TAC-TOE play area. The resort is maintained well and attention paid to detail is clearly evident.

The resort offers the best choice for a family getaway as it is situated at a convenient location, happens to have an entirely vegetarian restaurant, and lots of beach activities for families to get together and engage in together. The pool is somewhat better a choice to swim than the rocky shore ironically!

Juhu Beach

As overdone and somewhat overhyped as Juhu Beach is- appearing in literally all movies and TV shows ever made that remotely mention Mumbai- it’s not a bad choice at all. Completely surrounded by the Arabic Sea, it meets the Versova beach after a long stretch of some six kilometers of sand and water.

The street food is pretty much what the stereotypical Mumbai cuisine commands it to be. While it can get fairly crowded- it is still a swell time at Juhu Beach and it offers a contrasting experience compared to Uttan Beach.

Versova Beach

Now, unlike our previous two beaches this one is not a perfect fit to kick back and relax (not saying that it’s not possible to do that but) it’s instead a more fitting place to get some miles in! For the more fit amongst us that can appreciate a jog with the rising (or falling) sun and get that fresh sea breeze in- Versova beach is where you want to be.

Swimming is also a great idea at the waters on this beach and if you’re feeling adventurous and want to go fishing with the boys? Head out here for sure to get the best prospects for a good catch.

There are plenty of options to choose from from the beaches and beach resorts in and around Mumbai, there simply are too many. If you’re exhausted from the pace of life and feel jaded all the time. Maybe it’s time to head to one of these resorts and plans a weekend getaway to blow off some of that steam!

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