bachleorette party places in mumbai

Getting married is one of the biggest milestones in anyone’s life; for life you have to be committed to a single person. That one line is probably what fuels every single bachelor/bachelorette party. The bride and groom each want a night of no responsibilities and accountabilities; before they settle into married life. However, bachelor parties get all the attention and so for this article we will be talking about themes for a bachelorette party and which resort in Mumbai you need to hold the party in and so on. We have put together a list of every Mumbai that would serve as the perfect place to host an unforgettable bachelorette party.

Bohemian Villa

Located in Mayur Nagar, this Mumbai resort is a Santorini themed piece of real estate that boasts a private pool and deck and can host up to 30 people. That makes it the perfect place when you have a huge gang of girl friends. The property makes it possible to host a number of themes for a bachelorette party. You could throw a pool themed bachelorette party and have some fun in the sun. You could also host a spa day themed party and hire a masseuse and nail artists and make a day of the whole occasion. The villa is set on top a hillock that overlooks the Sanjay Gandhi National Park making it an ideal spot to have a late night gossip session with your best friends.

The Waterstones Hotel

Once you step foot into this hotel it doesn’t feel like you’re in the crowded and busy chaos that is Andheri East. A boutique hotel; this resort in Mumbai is stunningly beautiful and boast of three different restaurants, their own bar, a spa and a salon along with multiple activity rooms. The icing on the cake being the recreational club that features an amazing pool. The cherry on top being the beautiful décor that changes from floor to floor. Not only does this make for a great location to host a bachelorette party it also guarantees you amazing pictures and a great time all around. You could host a suave and sophisticated high tea themed bachelorette party that would call for a lot of fancy dresses, finger sandwiches and different varieties of tea; a highly elegant affair all in all.

The Gordon House Hotel

A small but charming hotel located right in the heart of Colaba; this Mumbai resort is a quaint spot that you and your girlfriends can spend a whole weekend at; go around sightseeing, eating at the different corner shops and cafes, party at a few trendy clubs and so on. Another feature that makes this resort so attractive is the thought gone into the décor and such; every floor of the hotel is decorated in accordance with a different part of the world, this adds a unique touch to the resort, something that cannot be replicated. The best feature of the whole hotel however would be the Cuban-themed lounge bar named Havana. Make the theme for your bachelorette party, “staycation” and have a weekend getaway with your best friends.

The Resort Madh Marve

This Mumbai resort is situated along the shoreline of the Arabian sea and one of its defining features is the beach facing hotels that provide their guests with tastefully decorated modern rooms. There are stunningly beautiful beach villas and additionally a pool. It is motorable so you can save on transport costs. Make the theme for your bachelorette party a beach party; head down to the beach, go for a dip in the sea, make sandcastles and play volleyball with your friends and most of all have fun.

Abode Bombay

Blink and you just might miss this quaint little boutique hotel that is the perfect choice for the bridal gang that needs a night out in the town. Located in Colaba, it is in short distance of all the happening joints in the city. This makes it easy for you and your squad to commute from all the different places you’ll be visiting on your girls day out. The resort in and of itself is a very pretty and aesthetic location. There’s also a sophisticated patisserie cum café above the hotel called Le15 Café that just enhances the attractiveness of this Mumbai resort.

Seafront Haven

This Mumbai resort is located in Bandra and is situated a comfortable distance from all the most happening joints and popular places in Mumbai. It can accommodate up to 12 people and is great for bachelorette parties wherein you’ve invited your intimate friends. This sea facing property is the perfect location to host a gathering of your closest friends. Make the theme for this bachelorette party a karaoke one; since there are plenty of pubs and clubs nearby you that makes it a good choice. Alternatively; due to that very reason, you could also go for a club bachelorette party. Maybe it is a particularly swanky club, or maybe a disco bar or maybe something else completely; whatever it is, find the one that matches the vibe of your girl squad and go nuts. Give the bride a night she’ll never forget.

Apart from the bachelorette party ideas given above, you could also go for one like; a casino themed bachelorette party or maybe an outdoor themed one, where the bride and her squad could go out on all sorts of nature filled activities like canoeing, backpacking or maybe just camping under the stars in your local park. You could also go for a fancier theme like a wine tasting bachelorette party; where the bride and her girl squad dress up all fancy, make their way to a winery and go nuts. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what the theme of the bachelorette party is really; as long as the bride is having fun, is happy and surrounded by the people she loves, it’s a huge success already. So now that you know where to take your best friend for her bachelorette party; get busy and start booking already.

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