Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It is one of those places where businesses are not just getting their stride on, some of them are jogging, and others are running and some even sprinting, leaping, and bounding. With a fast-paced way of doing things comes the need to get together and discuss the course of action ahead.

There can be a lot accomplished by holding internal meetings and re-strategize but at the same time, it’s important to get together with your peers and share ideas, such as in a conference or a convention. Conference venues in Mumbai are by the bucketloads and you should be making the best of them.

We’ve come up with a closer look at some of the best options you could consider for the next big conference you hold. All of these conference venues in Mumbai are clean, well maintained, and attention to detail is duly given-

Best beach getaways in Mumbai

Pali Beach Resort and Conference Hall

One of the first places that spring to mind whenever a conference venue in Mumbai is mentioned in the Pali Beach Resort. The resort is situated at Uttan Beach. A beautiful view of the open sea and the rocky terrain. The resort has been renowned for its dedication to service and quality.

It features a well-kept and one of the best-equipped conference halls in the city. The resort is maintained well and attention paid to detail is clearly evident. There is also a purely vegetarian restaurant there serving lip-smacking food.

The resort is situated at a convenient location, happens to have lots of beach activities to get together and engage in, and offers some of the best fish delicacies in the city. Uttan Beach is fairly tranquil and also doesn’t suffer from the overcrowding problem that other beaches suffer from. There is a separate area for children called the TIC-TAC-TOE to play.

Roots Farm Resort and Events Venue

This venue is much greener and closer to nature. There is a twelve-acre organic farm attached to the conference venue and it should be explored. Organic farming can be seen at the highest level of expertise and an experience that you’ll probably never forget.

Roots Farm Resort is situated at Panvel. The resort is situated amidst the tranquil green span and makes an outstanding panoramic view. They manage to provide a quiet, comfortable, and tranquil experience. There are an in-house animal barn and Gir breed of cows.

The resort has been pretty popular with all the pool activities and other related recreational activities arranged and offered here. The restaurant is often cited among the best restaurants in the city. The event hall is very spacious and the décor is great.

Palms Water Resort and Conference Hall

This resort-cum-conference-hall came into existence not too long ago. Yet, with its staff’s professionalism and dedication to service and quality, it has already made a name for itself. It’s situated at a very convenient location, under five kilometers of Kalyan Station. They have not one but two great restaurants in-house.

With a barrage of drinks and exquisite delicacies and new cuisines- the venue doesn’t hold back. It doesn’t lack in any way in terms of the arrangement of events and conferences in particular. The event hall is among the best in the city and should definitely be on your radar for your next conference.  

Eskay Resorts

This venue is situated in Borivali West, Mumbai. It is very well furnished and the décor is remarkable. The resort is known for great service and an outstanding quality of food served. One of the best features of this venue is that it has a variety of choices that you can pick from depending on the particulars of your conference.

They have the indoor halls- Cherry Blossom, Lotus Blossom, Orchid Blossom in increasing sizes. There is Parquets and Samtem Kyil which are both outdoor options and you could even pick a hybrid option of an indoor and an outdoor hall in combination.

It’s tricky choosing a good venue quickly, it becomes an even harder task when you know that there are hundreds of choices to pick from. Hopefully, this breakdown of conference venues in Mumbai will help you in making your decision.

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