Haunted places in Mumbai

Have you heard scary stories from your grandparents or in movies?

They appear unbelievable, but still, you can’t get them out of your mind.

You wonder can any of them be true. As a myth, we believe that most of the scary stories come from smaller towns and villages. However, if sources are to be believed, even metropolitan cities like Mumbai have seen places that are haunted.

Yes, you read it right Mumbai

Mumbai is also known as the city of dreams and the city that never sleep is an ‘infectious city’ that is home to plenty of people, with a lot of diversity and cultural richness. But then there is another side to the coin the dark and spooky aspect of this mega-city. Mumbai is home to a few horror stories that can not only send chills to your spine but also leave you pale and horrified!

Read below is a list of some of the most haunted places in Mumbai:

Mukesh Mill

Formerly a thriving mill, Mukesh Mill was razed to the ground due to a fire that broke down in 1870 and since then has been considered a haunted place. Locals here have reportedly sighted some mysterious shadows that follow them and some have felt being watched while passing this area. Some film crews have also witnessed scary experiences at Mukesh Mill. Incidents where some crew members have been reported lost while others have reported that expensive equipment had caught fire here.

Where: Colaba, Mumbai

Grand Paradi Towers

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Kemps Corner?  You think of wealth and prestige.

But do ghosts care about status?  Apparently not!  If the residents are to be believed, Grand Paradi Towers might have a ghost living in it. This place has witnessed a string of suicides (24, to be precise).

Where: Kemps Corner, Mumbai

St. John’s, Andheri East

St. John’s church is located in Andheri (east) is said to be over 500 years old.  Built by an Armenian family this church was left in ruins after it got destroyed during a plague. Many believe that the spirit a young bride scares away churchgoers. The stories of her presence were so recurrent that the locals decided to call a priest to perform an exorcism.

Where: Andheri East, Mumbai

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

We all know about the sprawling beauty of this national park but are you aware of the menacing story behind it. Several reports state that there is a mysterious hitchhiker out there who vanishes into the thin air. Many visitors have reported seeing him at different points of the day at the various sections of this park. Forest guards too have observed shadowy figures in several places where human access is restricted.

Where: Borivali East, Mumbai

Aarey Milk Colony

You can’t deny that the drive through Aarey is extremely refreshing and relaxing, but for a fact, very few rickshaws or taxi drivers will take you down the road at night. Wonder why it’s because many people believe that the road inside the Aarey Colony is haunted. Many bikers, taxi, and auto drivers have reported that they have seen a lady with a kid in hand and they ask for a lift. And if she is given a lift, her face starts getting distorted and then she would vanish with a deafening howl.

Where: Goregaon East, Mumbai

Marve and Madh Island Road

As per reports a few years ago a newlywed bride was brutally killed on her wedding night and her corpse is said to have been disposed of in the mangroves nearby. Since then her spirit has been haunting the roads and vehicles that pass by. It is said that this woman has been the reason for several accidents that have happened on this stretch. People are advised not to stop their vehicles on this stretch of road during the night.

Where: Madh Island, Mumbai

Mumbai High Court, Fort

Can a High Court be a likely candidate for a haunted place? No rights but, believe it or not, many people have stated that they have felt the existence of a malicious spirit at the Bombay High Court. The spirit is that of a lawyer who practiced here ages ago. This spirit haunts a particular courtroom and is also said to scare the convicts, to a point that they confess to their crimes. People have heard demonic voices come from this same courtroom.

Where: Fort, Mumbai

Taj Mahal Hotel, Apollo Bunder

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is both an icon of Mumbai as well as one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. However, it is said that the architect of this hotel (who is said to have made a crucial error during its construction) till date haunts the lobby at night. Several workers who work in the night shift at the Taj, as well as some guests too, have seen the architect roam around in the corridors and the hall of this hotel’s old wing.

Where: Apollo Bunder, Mumbai

SNDT Girls College

One of the well-known colleges in Mumbai, SNDT Girls College comes with its own scary secrets. According to reports, every day at 2 am, you can hear a woman teaching multiplication tables. Not just that after she finishes teaching, the sound of children screaming and cheering can be heard as well. Nearby residents often wonder what was happening in college so late at night. People call this place as one of the most ‘famous’ haunted places of Mumbai.

Where: Juhu, Mumbai

 Ashirwad Bungalow, Carter Road

The renowned Ashirwad Bungalow more popularly known as the home of the first superstar of our country Rajesh Khanna is known to be haunted. Though not known to many the servants and caretakers of this bungalow blame the late star’s health and personal problems due to the ghost that was present in that house.

Where: Carter Road, Bandra

Mumbai is considered safe at night. But there are a few places that we would advise you to stay away from, especially the ones mentioned above. Whether it’s folklore or these are really haunted places of Mumbai, we don’t want to find out. But if you dare to know more and visit these places (of course at your own risk) then do let me know your experience.

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