Planning a vacation every once in a while gets difficult if you have kids with you. Of course, vacations are a great way to get some of that pressure off your shoulders. At the same time, it’s important to note that you don’t go to a place where you get stuck in a difficult situation. There are kid-friendly resorts in Mumbai you can pick.

If you’ve been thinking of a walk in the evening with the sun on the horizon. And the thought has been on and off your mind for a while. Fret not! You have a lot of options, there are way more kid-friendly resorts in Mumbai than it appears at first glance. That is if you make the correct choice.

We’ve come up with a closer look at some of the options you could consider that are kid-friendly and at the same time wouldn’t leave you only babysitting them all the time. All of these choices are kid-friendly so pack your bags and book your tickets-

Best kid-friendly resorts in Mumbai

Pali Beach Resort

The very first choice that springs to mind whenever a kid resort is mentioned is the Mumbai-situated Pali Beach Resort. The resort is situated at the Pali Chowk Road, at Uttan Beach. A beautiful view of the open sea and the rocky terrain. The resort has been renowned for its dedication to service and quality.

It features various rides and slides as a waterpark is integrated into the resort. There are separate areas for children called the TIC-TAC-TOE play area. The resort is maintained well and attention paid to detail is clearly evident. There is also a purely vegetarian restaurant there serving lip-smacking food.

The resort offers the best choice for a family getaway as it is situated at a convenient location, happens to have lots of beach activities for families to get together and engage in. Uttan Beach is fairly tranquil and also doesn’t suffer from the overcrowding problem that other beaches suffer from.   

Kinny Farmhouse and Resort

This resort is somewhat closer, situated at Manori, Mumbai. The resort is situated amidst the sandy beach span and makes an outstanding panoramic view of the open sea. They manage to provide a quiet, comfortable, and tranquil getaway. Think sandcastles and waterslides for your kids.

The resort has been pretty popular with families, couples and especially been a kid’s favorite with all the pool activities and other related recreational activities arranged and offered here. The restaurant is often cited among the best restaurants in the city. There is also a farmhouse for you to explore together.

Della Adventure Resort

The rooms are equipped with all sorts of luxurious amenities and none of the executive rooms you could bag have balconies- dedication to maintain your privacy. This resort a few kilometers short of a hundred from the Mumbai Airport and should be the choice of the more adventurous souls out there. Looking for a weekend getaway.

Other than being an outstanding resort getaway option, Della adventure resort is situated in the Della adventure park. Where there are a lot of exciting extreme sports experiences waiting for you. A lot of people might never have experienced these sports ever in their life. This is one of those places that your kids will appreciate and enjoy. 

Upper Deck Resort

This resort is situated in the lush greens of Lonavala. The best kid-friendly choice as it’s filled to the brim with recreational activities that a family can engage in together. The resort has plenty of spacious exquisite rooms that are well maintained, the service is great and the cleanliness is remarkable. There are a dedicated trekking area and a children’s play area among other things.

There are plenty of options to choose from for kid-friendly resorts in Mumbai. If you’re exhausted and need a break from life on an urgent basis. Maybe it’s time to get behind the wheel, get the kids and head to one of these resorts, and plan a short vacation at the beach. Kicking back at the pool doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

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