Lesser known places in Mumbai

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India, but that doesn’t mean that only business travellers flock this city.

Plenty of tourists come to this city to gaze the glamorous skyscrapers as well as adore the picturesque historical monuments.

Mumbai can offer a lot more, than the usual tourist attractions, so next when you come to this city, explore a little deeper and find some secret places in Mumbai. From seaside promenades, parks, heritage colonies to historical monuments, such underrated places in Mumbai should form a part of your travel itinerary.

When you explore this city, don’t just stick to the usual attractions like the Gateway of India, Juhu Beach, and Sanjay Gandhi Park; instead, stay a little longer in this city and explore the unexplored tourist places in Mumbai.

Some of the unknown places in Mumbai as well as offbeat places in Mumbai are mentioned below;     

Aarey Colony’s Chota Kashmir

To many Mumbaikars Aarey Colony’s Chota Kashmir Park brings back the nostalgia of all the school and family picnic that they have enjoyed here. Considered to be one of the best-kept secrets of this city this place offers a green escape to people who are living in this concrete jungle. This park is an important part of Mumbai’s heritage as it houses a tree that was planted by Dr Rajendra Prasad the first president of the country. An ideal spot for picnics or just a lazy afternoon, the park boasts of having a variety of trees and plants, beautiful flowers, scenic lawns, and tree all around. There is a lake where you can enjoy boating.

David Sassoon Library & Reading Room

The David Sassoon Library was established in 1847 and the magnificent building was built in 1870. This heritage structure is a landmark in South Mumbai and as beautiful it is from the outside, its interiors are all the more impressive. Walking into this library is like stepping back in time, the dimly lit lobby, the sketches of old Bombay, the old lamps and chandeliers, the arched doorways, and the vintage staircase that leads you to the upper levels are all majestic. A perfect place for book-lovers, sit in the garden or on the terrace reading. With more than 40,000 books in English, Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati, this library has made it to the list of 47 classical libraries of the world, in 2006.

Sewri Jetty

Along Mumbai’s eastern coast is Sewri jetty which is home to a huge stretch of mangrove swamps and mudflats. This region may seem like a barren land but it is an ecological treasure in the heart of the city and it is flocked by a huge crowd during the months of October to March every year when the beautiful flamingoes pay their visit here. Around 20,000 of these birds can be seen in this area, and several bird-watchers and nature-lovers are treated to this mesmerizing display.

Powai Lake

Powai Lake is a treat for Mumbaikars who are surrounded by the concrete jungle and greatly miss the greenery. At Powai, you will be treated by the vast blue stretch of the Powai Lake is surrounded by lush greenery. This artificial lake was created by the Britishers at the end of the 18th century, but it suffered deterioration because of lack of maintenance and pollution. The Restoration and conservation efforts that have taken up in the past few decades have helped in preserving the rich biodiversity of this region. The lake is said to be home to crocodiles thanks to its green surroundings that attracts a number of resident as well as migratory birds. Powai Lake is an ideal place for the city’s dwellers and nature-lovers and it now welcomes visitors to the beautiful 2km long jogging track, children’s play area, and musical fountain.

Cathedral of the Holy Name

Cathedral of the Holy Name might not be as famous as the Mount Mary in Bandra; however it is definitely one of the most beautiful churches in this city. The cathedral is located in Colaba, but when you step into this church you just enter another world altogether. Constructed in the year 1905, this cathedral is an epitome of the Gothic-style architecture, with a magnificent tower and spires. Apart from the life-sized statue of the Christ, the church is furnished with a beautiful marble altar, beautiful stained-glass windows, frescoes, murals etc.

Reserve Bank of India Monetary Museum

The Reserve Bank of India Monetary Museum is definitely one of Mumbai’s most underrated attractions. Many of the city’s dwellers themselves are unaware of its existence, but this is one site that you definitely cannot miss. Unlike the other museums that present you with fascinating exhibits, but lack any informative explanations, the RBI museum is very well-planned, well-organized, and extremely informative. It attracts its visitors with some amazing stories about the evolution of currency and coinage, the main focus is on coinage in India.

Mumbai is a huge city however it is quite easy to get around, but no amount of time can make you feel that you have had enough of this magnificent city. So, it may not be possible fit every, underrated places in Mumbai onto your itinerary; instead enjoy the offbeat places in Mumbai thoroughly, visit at least some of these unknown places in Mumbai and visit the remaining unexplored tourist places in Mumbai when you return to the city, which you will undoubtedly want to visit all the secret places in Mumbai.

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