Lesser known places in Goa

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is popularly known as the Las Vegas of India.

If you have been to Goa you might have been mesmerized by its vibrant aura and the amazing nightlife, that is been carefully woven around its breathtaking beaches.

Goa is also home to fabulous churches as well as magnificent forts that are proof of its rich heritage, culture and history. 

So as we all know about the numerous beaches here which are mostly crowded by the tourist but there is more to Goa than its beaches, sun and sand. The interesting thing here is that there are many places in Goa that have been overlooked by tourists thanks to the other very popular attractions out there.

So, irrespective of how many times you might have visited Goa, there will be something new worth exploring and checking out with your every visit. 

This article will tell you about the 8 lesser known tourist places in Goa that you should visit.

You never know if these places could awaken the architecture enthusiast or the crazy nature lover in you

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

If you think Goa is all about their beaches and pubs, then this place is going to be a pleasant surprise for you. The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is a lush area that is blessed with nature’s bounty. Though you can’t go for a full-fledged wildlife safari, a leisurely stroll in this area would be enough to spot various wildlife animals like the sloth bears, leopards and gaur.

Cumbarjua Canal

Do you want to spot crocodiles? Then Cumbarjua canal is the place to be. Don’t forget to take a ferry ride in this canal if you want to explore this place in its true essence. The place is surrounded by thick mangrove trees and muddy waters that will not only give you an adrenaline rush but is also a romantic place. This narrow creek has usually been overlooked by tourists during their Goa Tour.

Spice Plantation

Everyone is aware of Kerala’s coffee plantations, but very few people are aware of the Spice Plantation in Goa, take a stroll through this place and you will be transported to a different place altogether. You will explore a lot of interesting spices that you would even have known exists in the plant form. And to top it all these plantations here are completely organic. Places for distillation of cashew juices can be found here as well. Don’t we all know that Goa is famous for its cashew wine more famously known as Fenni. So go ahead and buy a few bottles as a souvenir for your near and dear ones.

The Bubbling Lake of Netravalli

Here is a stepped small muddy pond in Sanguem. You definitely can’t miss out on this serene place that is totally worth it if you wish to go for a romantic stroll with your partner. However, the most interesting and important aspect of this place is the water here. So, if you clap your hands near the pond or step heavily on the steps, the water surface in this pond starts bubbling, sounds imaginary but it’s true.  The bubbling happens due to the accumulation of methane gas under the water. The water out here is clean and you know what you get yourself a natural fish pedicure if you choose to dip your feet into this pond for a substantial amount of time.

Chorla Ghats

The north-eastern part of is enclosed with tropical forests. The Karnataka–Maharashtra border of Goa, is home to wonderful hillocks and valleys. It is Goa’s own little hill station. So if you have had an overdose of beaches of Goa, this would definitely be a good change.

Harvalem Falls

This place is not really hidden, as a few tourists do visit this fall and the caves near them. The Harvalem waterfall is a good option for a one-day picnic as it will be so much quieter and peaceful than the Dudhsagar falls. The most sought-after attractions near this waterfall are the Rudreshwar temple and the Arvalem caves. This cave was said to be used by Pandavas during their exile. The caves are the rock-cut monuments of pre-historic period.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

From Ribandar you need to take a ferry ride to the island of Chorao. During winters you can spot a lot of migration birds. These birds are from Siberia and you’ll find most of these birds in the morning. U need a lot of patience to spot birds here. Hence a lot of expert birdwatchers and adventure travellers are seen on this island. The ferry ride is an incredible experience in itself.

Rivona Cave Goa

This place is an ideal place for people who want to go on an adventure trip. This cave has a rich Buddhist history. The laterite rock in this cave is said to have served as a Buddhist monk’s seat. You will find beautiful sculptures and paintings inside this cave.

The lesser known places above are no way lesser in beauty or attraction as compared to the other famous tourist attractions in Goa. It’s basically about what you wish to enjoy. No doubt the beaches and nightlife are the most important elements of Goa but, these hidden gems would enrich you with more experience so that you have a rocking time in Goa.

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