Himachal Pradesh

Situated in the shadows of the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is also known as “Dev-Bhoomi”, which means “Land of the Gods”, thanks to the numerous temples and mythological destinations. It is a place which displays diverse cultures, festivals, scenic landscapes, and serene environments, Himachal Pradesh has been the preferred destination for every traveller’s summer holiday. Popular places like Shimla, Kullu, and Manali are well-known holiday spots; but, over the years these places have lost their charm because of the number of tourists who visit these places every holiday season. And so I have taken it upon myself to find more places in the Himachal landscape and explore the lesser known destinations in Himachal Pradesh where you can go for a vacation, have an experience of a lifetime and not worry about spending too much.

Ensure you stop at these secret places in Himachal that have successfully remained hidden from conventional travelers for the longest time. So if you’re an offbeat traveler, you will definitely want to check out these spots in Himachal Pradesh.

The Indian Switzerland (Himachal Pradesh) has abundant hidden, secret and amazing getaways that are gleaming with beauty. Surprised? Let’s look at these secret places in Himachal Pradesh that you will die to go to once you have read about them:

  • Renukaji
  • Gada Gushaini
  • Karsog Valley
  • Janjehli
  • Shoja
  • Jibhi

1. Renukaji

Renuka lake is in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh in Indi, it is 672 m above sea level. It is the largest lake in Himachal Pradesh. Renukaji is considered the best secret place in Himachal for plenty of reasons. The place has amazing architectural sites which display the delicate carving of the artists. The Renuka Lake is a mirror-like a lake which reflects the image of God in its beauty.

2. Gada Gushaini

Gada Gushaini is a small but spectacular village in Banjar Tehsil that will leave you mesmerized. The beauty of crystal-clear water will take you another world altogether. It is one of the best secret places in Himachal Pradesh. Gada Gushaini has not yet been explored by many adventure loving tourists. You can find nature at its best with beautiful surroundings, lush green landscapes and several options for adventure and entertainment, to name some.

3. Karsog Valley

Situated in 7th Karsog subdivision of Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh in India at a height of 1,404 meters. Karsog is a small town and Nagar panchayat that is right on the lap of Himalayas, near Shimla. Karsog valley is indeed a gem of a place. Situated in the middle of orchards of apples and compact hilly woods of deodars and pines. You will definitely have a gala of time here. Ensure you indulge in apple picking here with the locals.

4. Janjehli

A Beautiful hilly and green area that is full of natural beauty in the Janjehli valley. This place is situated at a height of 2150 meters. This place is around 70km far from Mandi town. This valley is bestowed with rich heritage covered with greenery and snowy fog everywhere. Camping in Janjheli is a dream come true with the peaceful and profusely serene surrounding. Definitely one of the best secret places of Himachal Pradesh. You should definitely stop here if you are looking for a calm and peaceful getaway this holiday.

5. Shoja

Mid-way between Kullu and Shimla, close to Jalori Pass, Shoja or Sojha is a splendid and striking hill station of Himachal. Known for bird watching, overnight camping, nature trails, and trekking—Shoja offers the most spectacular views of the picturesque Himalayan Ranges. This place is heaven for people looking for peace. The wooden houses and the slow-moving passes take you straight to the stairway of heaven.

6. Jibhi

Jibhi is a scenic hamlet in the Banjar Valley or Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh. You can reach there from the Chandigarh-Manali Highway. It is easily accessible from here. The way to Jibhi is totally worth traveling watching around the breathtaking beauty. There are various eating cafes and dhabas around so that you can enjoy the local exquisite cuisine. The small village is just like a fairytale story.

So, after going through this list of undiscovered places in Himachal which one will you put on your bucket list?

I am sure now you definitely want to escape the overrated destinations in Himachal and head to these secret places in Himachal instead. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go check for the itinerary and other details for these lovely off the beat travel places in Himachal Pradesh and off you go for the most amazing holiday of your life.

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