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People living in Mumbai would agree on one thing that living here during summer time is like being a chicken getting roasted in a oven and the only thing which one desires is cooling down and enjoying in a water park while having fun in the different variety of rides or activities at the same time. So here is a list of resorts with water parks which one can visit near Mumbai.

Pali Beach Resort

Located not too near and not too far from the city of Mumbai lies Pali Beach Resort. The resort is spread out across 7 acres of land and has large pools and water slides for its visitors to chill out and enjoy. Apart from pools, there are also provisions for indoor and outdoor games, making it a great place to visit with friends and family.

Shangrila Resort and Water Park

This is a resort located near Bhiwandi – Kalyan junction on the Mumbai – Nashik highway. The whole spread is about 15 acres and the visitors will be blessed with modern facilities and water games. The water park has a restaurant for people who plan to stay with them for a couple of days. Apart from generic water park activities there is a shopping center. For adults there is a permitted bar where you can relax yourself after a hectic day in the water park with some drinks.

Royal Garden Resort

This is a resort located off Mumbai – Ahmedabad highway before Naigaon and it boasts of  lavish wave pool, rain dance, slides, and various other fun activities, including the dashing car and a complimentary pizza and pasta that’s available all day. This is a ideal gateway for anyone who loves seas and beaches and just wants evenings to relax.

H2O Water Park

Located near Daulatabad Fort in Aurangabad, consists of a lavish pool along with a 40 feet drop slides and various intuitive activities conducted at their Pirate Bay. Managed by Deogiri Resorts it the only water park in city on Aurangabad. Spread across 14 acres you will find a number of coconut groves and palms. A good option for people who wish to get away for a long vacation.

Green Paradise Resort

Green Paradise Resort is surrounded by beautiful Palm trees and has Arnala beach at its disposal. When the heat gets too much the rooms of the resort are equipped with Air Conditioners to keep you cool. The hotel is located at a very practical location for tourist as its only 8 km away from Virar Railway Station and 70 km away from Airport. In case of an emergency they have a on call doctor. For business purposes they have a conference hall.

The Resort

Located in Mumbai along the shoreline of Arabian Sea, this is a 5 star rated hotel with modern luxury rooms and WiFi for those who want to work on the go. It has a pool for its customers while they keep overlooking the beach and enjoy some exclusivity. One of the reasons for such a high rating for this “Resort” (No Pun intended) is because of the excellent food they provide in their restaurant along with a upper deck bar for your drinks and you to relax.

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