Mumbai is on the greater west coast of India. Greater, for the beaches, are much more beautiful and just numerous- almost too many to choose from. Ancient forts and temples, waves thrashing rocky shores and small coral reef ecosystems are all sprinkled along the shore.

But what’s more interesting is the fact that most of these beaches are outstanding as a choice for a quick beach getaway at the weekend but seldom are. Yes! Even in an oversaturated city like Mumbai, there beach getaways near Mumbai that are mostly untouched- but they don’t have to be anymore.

We’ve come up with a closer look at some of the options you could consider for your next weekend adventure. All of these beach getaways near Mumbai are clean, serene, and tranquil- get your beach gear ready and head on out.

Best beach getaways in Mumbai

Uttan Beach

The slow-moving and no-crowd-ever rocky beach –Uttan is one of those places to can go to have a low-key weekend. Swimming is off the plate here as the shore gets somewhat rocky and the waves are more robust but that only adds to the beach’s aesthetic.  

This rocky hilly beach is also well known as a part of a fishing village and as fishermen were the first settlers of Mumbai it has that ancient vibe to it. As if the place has been in its position forever and continues to sway gently in the air but never budging from this position.

One of the best places you could visit as part of a weekend beach getaway is the Pali Beach Resort. The resort is situated at Uttan Beach. A beautiful view of the open sea and the rocky terrain. The resort has been renowned for its dedication to service and quality.

It features various rides and slides as a waterpark is integrated into the resort. There are separate areas for children called the TIC-TAC-TOE play area. The resort is maintained well and attention paid to detail is clearly evident. There is also a purely vegetarian restaurant there serving lip-smacking food.

The resort is situated at a convenient location, happens to have lots of beach activities for families, couples, or friends to get together and engage in, and offers some of the best fish delicacies in the city. Uttan Beach is fairly tranquil and also doesn’t suffer from the overcrowding problem that other beaches suffer from.   

Manori Beach

In order to get to Manori Beach, you actually need a ferry. This makes it somewhat time-taking to get here- about two hours even if you live in the southern end of Mumbai. But the journey is totally worth it and you wouldn’t regret it.

Kinny’s farmhouse and the resort are situated at Manori. The resort is situated amidst the sandy beach span and makes an outstanding panoramic view of the open sea. They manage to provide a quiet, comfortable, and tranquil getaway. Think sandcastles and waterslides for your kids.

The resort has been pretty popular with families, couples and especially been a kid’s favorite with all the pool activities and other related recreational activities arranged and offered here. The restaurant is often cited among the best restaurants in the city. There is also a farmhouse for you to explore together.

Marvae Beach

This beach has been the very first choice of the micro-vacation crowd or people looking to end a trip in a day. This beach has slowly garnered the reputation of being the top choice of the younger generation. There are resorts here that are equipped with all sorts of luxurious amenities and none of the executive rooms you could bag.

Swimming at the sea, fishing, a chill-day at the beach kicking back with drinks served are all viable options here. You could hold a beach bonfire or have a game of volleyball. The local fish-based delicacies are a must-try. If a weekend getaway is what you’re looking for this place is worth a try.

Mandwa Beach

Much closer to Mumbai than some of the other choices in this breakdown- but don’t assume it’s overcrowded or dirty. On the contrary, it is one of those calm and serene beaches that can legitimately take your stress away with just one fell swoop. Water sports are an option here- jet skis are often seen gushing through the waters.

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