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Holi, the festival of colours, is the favourite festival for many as it is filled with zeal, enthusiasm and brings out the crazy party head in you. If you are planning for a getaway to a resort with your friends or family, here are the top 20 resorts in Mumbai :

Pali Beach Resort – Bhayandar West

Pali Beach Resort’s Holi parties are colourful to say the least. There are provisions of rain dance, pool parties, lawn parties and designated areas for kids to play around, games and sports; this could be your go to destination for celebrating a wonderful holi with your family and friends.

Cost: 2300 for a family of 3

Prakruti Resort – Chembur East

This Mumbai resort organises grand Holi bash every year. There is fun all around in the air. Children and old people are welcome and there are several activities and fun games organized for all age groups. It can be a perfect weekend getaway for the entire family.  There are two swimming pools which are cleaned twice a day and a pool table as well. The Holi celebrations has unlimited gulaal, pichkaris, bhang and a DJ as well. There are disco nights that are organized by dawn every day.

Cost: 18000 for a family of 3

Whispering Palms Holidays Resort -Malad

Whispering Palms Holidays Resort has been famous for a while now. It is a booked resort in Mumbai, pretty much the entire Holi week. Everyone from children to elderly has a gala time here. There is a separate small pool which is filled with coloured water on Holi. Kids enjoy the most here spraying water on everyone and having the time of their lives. Drinks and mocktails are complementary and are served on the poolside.

Cost: 3000 for a family of 3

Shangrila Resort – Bhiwandi Bypass

This resort is perfect for a long weekend or a Holi themed party with friends and family. The peaceful ambience which is away from the chaos of the city completely rejuvenates you and makes you feel recharged after your stay. The Holi party is exclusive for guests only and has fun games, food and drinks apart from the ritual of applying colour on everyone. There is a spa and massage centre as well.

Cost: Depending on the type of room that you choose price can be between 3000-6000 for a family of 3.

MayurVan Club and Holiday Resort – Manor Wada Road

MayurVan is famous for its greenery and scenic beauty. It is one of the very rare places in Mumbai were you can see trees filled with birds every morning and evening. If you are a nature lover, this resort is for you. You can get away from the noise and pollution of the city and spend a weekend here. The Holi party is within the designated area and quite low key. There is a tilak holi that is played by majority people. You can even play full on with colours if you wish to. Some areas where there are flower gardens are actually restricted to play Holi.

Cost: Rooms are 3800 per a family

Visava Amusement Park and Resort – Panvel

For a whole family Holi celebration, this amusement park houses several water and adventure sports and your kids will not get bored even for a single minute. Unlimited Water Park rides, complementary tea and snacks, 7D cinema, adventure games, all come along with the colourful celebrations. There is a banquet and conference hall as well if you want to do some work for some time.

Cost: 3500-8000 per night depending on the suite

Hotel Sun Beach Resort Gorai – Borivali West

For all the beach lovers out there, this resort in Mumbai will be your safe haven. The beach side Holi celebration is what will blow your mind. The cool breeze, waves tickling your feet, you with your friends and family having a gala time putting loads of colour worry free and spraying water with pichkaris, may seem too good to be true, but is possible here. Visava is the perfect destination for a perfect, chill weekend and a lavish stay.

Cost: Single rooms start from 3300 per night and family rooms start from 7200 per night

Maanas Resort- Virar

This resort is 8 km from Virar railway station and is run by a close knit community. This place is recluse yet comfortable. It is best if you want a low key resort just for your family and not a big crowd. Holika dahan is held the previous day and Holi is celebrated with lot of zeal and fervour the next day.

Cost: 5000 per night per family

Green Dream Resort- Thane

The chic, urban interiors, the in-house pool and Naneghat and Daryaghat being close by, this resort is a budget stay with quite good amenities. There is a television in each room, decent restaurants and quality service by the staff. The Holi celebrations are the highlight as everyone from the staff to the owner participates together.

Cost: 3000 per night

Samudraa Beach Resort- Thane

This resort is yet another pick for beach enthusiasts. You get to play Holi with sand in this resort. Can it be more fun? The Samudraa beach is good for a lazy weekend after Holi. You can do nothing but just sit on the beach on a cane chair or a hammock, sipping coconut water while the friendly staffs serves you complementary snacks.

Cost: 2700 per person or 4000 for a family

River Wind Resort- Kamba Village, Mumbai

A high end, splurge kind of Mumbai resort, River Wind Resort is what heaven looks like. The beautiful rope lights all-round the resort with some amazing interiors makes up for all the money that you’ll spend. Holi celebration gets wild and crazy here. It’s an all day long party and celebration. There’s drinks on the house, unlimited bhang and crazy other shots to match with the Holi theme. Poolside rooms are worth a try, because they have just gorgeous views at night. The light’s reflection can be seen in the pool water and it looks splendid.

Cost: 5800 – 8400 per night (depending on your room)

La Shimer- Bhayander West

This resort though may look small with just 22 rooms, is quite comfortable with all the necessary facilities. The whole area of Bhayander celebrates Holi together on the street and its one heck of a party. The terrace view is amazing and you can watch the celebrations from there if you are not interested in playing with the colours.

Cost: Price starts from 3500 and goes till 5500 per night

Mandvi Hill Resort- Virar East

Mandvi resort is nestled in Virar in a secluded place and there are frequent tours that the resort organizes to nearby places. If you are with your family, you can go on a picnic and spend some quality time together. Holi celebrations are low key yet enjoyable with fun activities being organized. The food is scrumptious an evening snacks are complementary.

Cost: Price is 650 for an adult and 550 for kids and senior citizens

Palm Beach Resort- Manori Dargah

This resort is full of various types of trees. There are benches and tiles under big trees where you can sit and relax while reading a book. Rooms are all around the courtyard and there is an amazing view of bountiful of trees from each room. Holi is celebrated in the courtyard at the centre of the resort and is quite fun to run around and play.

Cost: 3000 per day

Cigad Hotel and Resort- Uttar Bhayander

Cigad is quite a hip place with hippie kind of vibes generating from the interiors of the resort. The staff is too courteous and always smiling which is bound to set you in a happy mood whenever you see them. Holi is celebrated exuberantly in a hall. There is a video game arcade as well if that’s what interests you.

Cost: 4500 per night

Visawa Resort- Murbad, Thane

3 km from Dombivili railway station, this resort is a treat to the eyes with its beautiful garden with flowers of all colours. From roses, mogra, chameli, tuberose, genda to sunflowers, this resort has got them all. There is an open space dining area as well from where you get to see the beautiful garden. Holi celebrations are equally colourful here with gulaal and colour bombs being sprayed in the air and all around.

Cost: 800 per night for cottage, 1600 per night for non AC and 1800 per night for AC room

Shantashil Resort- Thane

Known for its nature walks and other outdoor adventure, this resort is another budget stay. Holi celebration is amidst the woods and later involves a small trek as well where their is complementary lunch and snacks.

Cost: 3200-3600 per night

Harmony Village Resort- Badlapur West, Thane

8 km from Badlapur Railway station, this resort is a boat shaped house with many plantations around. Holi celebrations include dhol, DJ, pichkaris and bhang along with chudi rang and gulaal.

Cost: 1500-3500 per person based on your room type

Tirupati Farm and Resort- Thane

South Indian styled resort, this resort is famous among old people as it has several recreational activities for them. The morning aarti is a biggie here. Holi is celebrated just within the members of the resort in a room with just a bit of gulaal.

Cost: 1500 per person per night

River Side Hotels & Resort

This is a comfortable stay with amenities like room service for food, swimming pool, taxi pick up and drop to railway station, etc. Holi celebrations are full of joy and fun.

Cost: 5000 per family

Sargam West Park & Resort

Sargam water resort is known for pool activities that are held daily. From pool yoga to swimming for beginners to water aerobics, this resort is filled with fun activities for all age groups. Holi is celebrated with everyone together from staff and guests coming into the mango groves and having a gala time.

Cost: 500-700 per session

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