Gateway of India

A brief history of The Gateway of India

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Architectural Background and Design Inarguably The Gateway of India is embedded in the city of Mumbai, not only does it reside in the city, whenever the city is mentioned- the gateway springs to one’s imagination immediately. The monument is built out of glorious yellow basalt and reinforced concrete that was […]

Bandra Fort

A brief history of Castella de Aguada

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The Portuguese setup shop in Mumbai In 1640, right around the time when the Portuguese were sinking their roots deeper into the Indian soil- they constructed the Bandra fort at land’s end in Bandra, as the name suggests. Bandra Fort alternatively is referred to as ‘Castella De Aguada’, etymologically speaking, […]

Tips to turn your house into a resort

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Working tirelessly is unlikely and when the breaks are short and seldom taken, the resulting burnout from reaching your limit will be even worse. Vacations, having been tested time and again, continue to be an effective way to let off some steam and get the productivity back up and running, […]