Mumbai being a tropical region surrounded by lakes, rivers, Arabian Sea and mountain ranges, it has a plethora for sightseeing and getaway options. So if you are planning a vacation in Mumbai and looking for the right place to go for a picnic in Mumbai then this article will be of good use to you. We will also share details on which are those hill stations that have some of the best resort in Mumbai. The article will also give you a peek into some world class amusement parks in Mumbai where you and your kids can spend a great time together having fun.

So get ready, pack your little one’s bag with a snack and some water and head out for a vacation in Mumbai.

So let’s check some places for a picnic in Mumbai and around Mumbai

Elephanta Caves

One of the most popular locations for picnic in Mumbai is the Elephanta Caves. The journey to these caves becomes very interesting for kids because it provides awesome experiences of riding on a ferry, taking a toy train to the foothill of the mountain and then climbing up the stairs to explore 5 beautifully carved caves with mythological stories behind them. It would give your child a peek into ancient days and trigger their imagination. The kids can then enjoy the snacks under the shade of the trees surrounding the caves and play some games. It will be great if they could be accompanied by kids of their age i.e. friends or cousins. While returning in the evening do make sure that the kids feed the birds that fly along with ferry. No kid can ever forget this amazing experience.

Taraporewala Aquarium

With a wide variety of fishes, the Taraporewala Aquarium is sure to be toddlers’ favorite.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Your next stop can be a visit to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. Older kids will show a lot of interest in knowing about our history and glancing on the artifacts preserved there.

Nehru Science Centre
Next on the list would be the Nehru Science Centre. While older kids can actually learn and understand the science behind the exhibits, the younger ones simply enjoy playing with them. The Nehru Planetarium is reputed to be the best in the country, and even the smaller kids enjoy the experience. Their moving model of the solar system and the weighing scale showing the kids’ weight on different planets are all-time hits.

Kanheri Caves

Kanheri caves, located within the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is another place worth a visit where the kids can experience and explore bio-diversity amidst the city.

Beaches in and around Mumbai

Since beaches like Juhu, Girgaum Chowpatty and Versova are too crowded, we would suggest you take out some extra time and visit beaches outside Mumbai too. The beaches of Manori, Vasai, Kelva, Dahanu, Mandwa and, Kashid are good options for a weekend getaway with children. The sand in these beaches is comparatively cleaner for kids to use their sand toys and build sand castles. A lot of them have beautiful homestays, hotels and beach front villas for the parents to let their hair down and relax while the kids are busy collecting shells from the shores.

Amusements parks in Mumbai

Mumbai boasts of quite a few international standard water parks and amusement parks that offer a day full of action, fun, entertainment, relaxation, dining and shopping all at one single location. A wide variety of rides ensure that people of all age groups have a good time with kids. Adlabs Imagica, Essel World, Water Kingdom, Tikuji ni Wadi are the most popular ones among kids and parents.


The theme park is another attraction catching up among Mumbai kids. With an aim to inspire responsible citizenship and create strong community awareness among children, they have created a unique and interactive indoor theme park where kids learn about real life professions through role-play activities.

Hill stations around Mumbai

If you intend your kids to get closer to nature, then a good option would be a weekend getaway to any of the popular hill stations around Mumbai like Lonavala, Lavasa or Matheran. The places are known to have plethora of good resort in Mumbai and the best time to drive up to these places. The kids would get to see natural waterfalls and they will experience a drive into the clouds literally, enjoying their bhutaas and pakoras from the local food stalls.

So while it’s alright to spend on the material demands of the kids, as parents, it’s equally important to provide them opportunities to explore and learn new experiences. The memories that they will create during such trips, will stay with them for life. Don’t forget to take pictures of your activities to add to children’s scrapbooks if you choose to make them. Such experiences positively influence their physical and mental development.

Choose from any of these great places for your next vacation in Mumbai and we are sure you and your kid will have a fabulous time together.

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