Winter vacations are the ideal time to escape the mundane and spend some quality time with your family. If staying inside doesn’t seem very appealing to you and you are in the search to find places for winter vacation in Mumbai then look no further you have arrived at the best place. We have curated a list of the best winter resorts in Mumbai where you can take your family and friends during the winter to have an absolute blast.

Pali Beach Resort

Lying directly near the Arabian Sea, Pali Beach Resort is a great place to visit during the winter. With a spacious venue and arrangements for indoor as well as outdoor games, Pali Beach Resort has all your needs covered. It’s proximity to the city of Mumbai makes this resort ideal for visiting in the winter.

The Duke’s Retreat

Located in Lonavala-Khandala area; the Duke’s Retreat is a family friendly hotel that is situated in the mountains. With luxuriant and spacious rooms that offer beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, a health club, an outdoor swimming pool, bars and a restaurant, coffee shop and an indoor tennis court; this resort is the perfect choice for a quick weekend getaway that will recharge everyone’s batteries in no time.

Atmantan Wellness Centre

Situated in Pune; the Atmantan Wellness Centre is an international luxury wellness centre that provides its guests with wellness programs and retreats that have been customized to cater to their guest’s every need. Their motto is to ensure that every guest leaves rested, relaxed and rejuvenated. If you’ve been looking for a winter resort then look no further; the Atmantan Wellness centre will help you forget all your worries and assist you in becoming a better version of yourself.

Villa San Lawrenz

Located only a little while away from the Lonavala lake; away from the busy and crowded town – centre; the Villa San Lawrenz provides a tranquil haven for families and couples alike. It enables its guests to spend their time surrounded by nature and lets them enjoy solitude. The Villa San Lawrenz prides itself on its pristine lawns and large pools that lend themselves for fun and leisure. Luxury accommodations also come with breakfast in the comfort of your own room or in the restaurant of the Villa itself. Additionally you can also enjoy a nice game of table tennis or carom in the recreation room.

Malhar Machi

One would recommend this be among your list of winter resorts to visit only for the view and nothing else. The magnificent sight of the blue waters against the backdrop of the austere Sahyadri Mountains creates a sense of peace and calm in one’s heart that is indescribable. The cottages have been designed to create a sense of belonging and home in the heart of guests. With focus given to natural and rustic looks; the cottages have been designed with such painstaking detail in order to offer the best sense of comfort and hospitality. Come and relax in the lap of Mother Nature at the Malhar Machi.

The Machan

Located in Lonavala the aim of the people behind the Machan was to provide a peaceful retreat for the citizens of Bombay; an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Their goals were simple; woody, serene and tranquil. That dream was brought to life as the Machan. Spend your time here in a quaint cottage in the woods surrounded by the relaxing sounds of nature. There are plenty of activities here at the Machan; whether it is trekking, bird watching or exploring the historical fortresses and caves around, the Machan has got something for everyone.

The Radisson Blu

Located in Alibaug; the Radisson Blu top notch luxury spa services. With landscapes that have been tended to carefully, pools of sparkling water that have been arranged tastefully inside a serene setting; the Radisson Blu provides a luxury spa retreat merely a 110 kilometres from the city of Mumbai. Enjoy ease of access to beautiful beaches of Nagaon, Varsoli and Alibag. Equipped with amenities like Wi-Fi, a health and fitness centre and a library that has been curated tastefully.

Palm Beach Resort

The “Pride of the Manori” as it is so called; the Palm Beach Resort is the perfect getaway for those that love the beach and sea. The beach is located near the Portuguese favoured fishing village of Manori. The ambience of the resort is such that it creates the feeling of living amongst a tribal community. It is not too far from Mumbai and therefore the ideal getaway destination for those who aren’t the biggest fans of travelling; one of the ideal winter resorts.

The Resort Madh-Marve

Located only an hour away from the INS Hamla Naval Base this resort that is situated along the coastline of the Arabian Sea is a one that faces the beach and provides contemporary rooms equipped with Wi-Fi. The air conditioned rooms provide the guest with beautiful views of the gardens, pool and sea. Each room comes with a TV, desk and cupboard. The private bathrooms are equipped with toiletries as well. Take your own sweet time here at the resort and lounge by the pool or enjoy a stimulating work out in our fitness centre.

Anandvan Resort

Situated way up in the hills at almost 2800 feet; surrounded on all sides by nothing but untamed nature, the Anandvan offers comfort that can only be found in areas truly untouched by man. Experience luxurious villas and cottages, delight in natural food and other delicacies and undergo the experience of a lifetime as you encounter Bhandardara’s natural energy, culture and history and everything else it has to offer.

The Lagoona Resort

When you’re talking about resorts in Mumbai the Lagoona Resort is one that cannot be overlooked. Situated in Lonavala; this is India’s first environmentally friendly resort. The Lagoona has devoted itself towards offering guests the best products, services and experiences whilst simultaneously making sure that only the most environmentally sound practices are employed in the pursuit of fulfilling this goal. The resort provides numerous amenities to ensure you have the most comfortable stay. These include room services, restaurants and bars, access to swimming pools, parking and many more. The Lagoona Resort boasts of a quaint Resto-Bar called the Tipsy Horse where guests can enjoy Bohri cuisine whilst sitting in the midst of nature.

Now that you don’t have to devote any more time in the pursuit of places for winter vacation in Mumbai; pack your bags and get ready to have a great winter vacation.

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