Trekking near Mumbai

Do you have a long weekend off?

Are you looking for a reason to get rid of the city blues and head for a short escape?

Did you know that trekking is becoming one the most favorite weekend pastime for many Mumbaikars?

It’s time to head for an adventurous trek to a nearby place from Mumbai, surprisingly there is a long list of places near Mumbai that you can choose from. That means you don’t need to go to the Himalayas or Kasol if the mountains are calling you. Maharashtra is blessed with plenty of beautiful hills and mountains where you can spend your short holidays or long weekends.

While some of these destinations are close to the city, some are just within 150 kilometers. Here are the best trekking places near Mumbai

Lohagad Trek

Lohagad is among one of the most beautiful places to trek near Mumbai. The climate remains pleasant throughout the year. This place is befitting for doing adventurous activities around Mumbai during summers season, while in winters the climate is too extreme to carry out any adventure activities.

Distance from Mumbai: 100 km

A place to visit in Lohagad:

Pavana Lake, Bhaja Caves, Bhushi Lake, Rajmachi Fort, Lohagad Fort, Reversing Station.

Things to do in Lohagad:

Trekking at the lower lohagad fort, paragliding at temple pilots, Visit the viaspur fort, Boating at Pavana lake.

Korigad Trek

Korigad is a perfect place when you want to go for a day’s trek around Mumbai and has lots to offer to those people who are new to trekking. The hill stations here at Korigad are not just gorgeous but also very stunning to look at. Hence this is a perfect place for a weekend getaway near Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai: 110 km

A place to visit in Korigad:

Lion’s Point, Pavana Lake, Lonavala Lake, Narayani Dham Temple, Bhaja Caves

Things to do in Korigad:

Trekking in Lonavala, Camping at the Pavana lake, Visit the spiritual Bhaja caves.

Matheran Trek

Matheran is located at a distance of 2500 meters above sea level and is an extremely beautiful place around Mumbai. You can enjoy the toy train ride through the waterfalls and forests areas of Matheran. As no vehicles are permissible in Matheran it has a very clean and unspoiled environment.
Distance from Mumbai: 125 km by road

A place to visit in Matheran:

Louisa Point, Porcupine Point (Sunset Point), Charlotte Lake, Panorama Point, Paymasters Park, Mount Barry, Ambarnath Temple, King George Point

Things to do in Matheran:

Walk through the woods in the forests of Matheran, Enjoy boating in Charlotte Lake, Trekking through Garbert Plateau, Visit Louisa Point and Porcupine Point

Kamshet Trek

Kamshet can just be the right places to visit near Mumbai in case you are among those adrenaline junkies as it has a lot of places to keep you and your mind occupied. This place is an excellent weekend getaway thanks to the easy access from this city as it is located very near to Mumbai. You definitely can’t miss out to visit this place if you are around Mumbai and Mumbai.
Distance from Mumbai: 52 km by road.

A place to visit in Kamshet: 

Bedsa caves, Bhairi Caves, Shinde Wadi hills, Kondeshwar temple, Karla Caves.

Things to do in Kamshet:

Indulge in paragliding to get a once in a lifetime experience. Visit the Kondeshwar temple, Trekking in Bhairi Caves, Enjoy city shopping in the local markets.

Sudhagad Fort Trek

Sudhagad also famously known as Bhorapgad, this is a popular trekking destination near Mumbai. It is a must visit place around Mumbai which you should visit especially for the beauty of it mist covered mountains. This place has a very cool climate throughout the year. 
Distance from Mumbai: 110 km

A place to visit in Sudhagad:

Kumbheri Bridge, Aamby Valley Exit Gate, Sudhagad Fort, Pantsachiv Wada., Echo point, Ambarkhana
Things to do in Sudhagad:

Trekking near Sudhagad Fort, Sightseeing at echo point, Visit the Aamby valley exit gate.

Visapur Fort Trek

The Visapur Fort trek is among the best trekking destinations near Mumbai in the monsoons. It is also known as the twin of the lohagad fort as both these forts have most of the features almost common except for a few differences here and there.

Distance from Mumbai: 120 km

A place to visit in Visapur:

Scorpion’s sting (vinchu kata), Ganpati Mandir, Bhedsa Caves, Devi Durga parmeshwari temple, Pavana Lake

Things to do in Visapur:

Trekking near malvali. Sightseeing at Bhedsa Caves and Scorpion’s sting, Visit the Devi Durga parmeshwari temple and Ganpati Mandir

I am sure after reading about these amazing places to trek around Mumbai; you must have already planned your next extended weekend.

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